Record-Breaking Results for Marlborough College Malaysia

Marlborough College Malaysia’s academic results have reached new highs this year with the best IGCSE results in the College’s 10-year history, outstripping the excellent performances of previous years.

The average grade was A and an amazing 72% of all grades at MCM were awarded at A*/A. One quarter of MCM candidates achieved at least 9 A* grades, a third of entrants gained 10 or more A*/A grades and 70% of the MCM cohort were awarded at least 5 A*/A grades, which is considered the threshold for consideration by the most elite universities in the world.

The Master, Alan Stevens, commented:

This cohort of candidates studied their entire IGCSE through a period of unprecedented disruption, culminating with a full series of exams last term. They are not only intelligent and well-qualified, but highly resilient. They also owe a great deal to the dedication and professionalism of their teachers whose genuine care for them intellectually and pastorally provided essential continuity through all circumstances. The efforts at MCM of all academic and support staff who contributed to the impeccable preparation for these exams and the hard work and ambition of our pupils has achieved an outstanding set of results that has bucked the global trend.


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