Year 8 Science Fair

On Friday 17th June 2022, the much anticipated Year 8 Science Fair took place. The Science Fair is an opportunity for the Year 8 pupils to pose their own scientific questions and run an investigation where they are responsible for creating a methodology, carrying out experiments, and presenting their findings to the Senior School Beaks, who were judging the competition. They achieved all of this with very little assistance from their Beaks, who were there for support but did not take a lead in the experiments. The Senior School beaks were very impressed with the pupils’ work, and their knowledge of their subject as they managed to answer scientific questions about their research. The judges had a tough decision to make and were greatly impressed by the work from all the pupils and their entries. 


The winners were:


Overall Winner:

How does increasing the current affect electroplating?

Poppy and Matthew


Best Execution:

Investigation into salt water batteries

Kirin, Louis, and Orlando


Interesting Idea:

Which area of the College has the most microorganisms?

Emily and Sophie


Best Presentation:

Which mask is most effective?

Daisy, Rimi, and Sena


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