Year 7 Residential 2022

From the 25th to the 27th May 2022, Year 7 pupils had their Residential within the 90 acre grounds of Marlborough College Malaysia. The pupils experienced an action packed three-day itinerary all without leaving the campus.


The itinerary included an introduction to diving, where an external team came on-site and taught the pupils how to dive within the safety of the Senior School pool. Throughout the three days, the pupils were able to experience different challenges, from learning to paddle board on the College lake to completing a series of tasks, such as constructing a tower out of paper, which aimed to challenge the pupils’ leadership skills. 


The variety of activities allowed the pupils to develop essential skills, such as teamwork and resilience, and to gain confidence in themselves as they mastered things they never thought they could, such as learning to ride a bike. The pupils tackled each new challenge with enthusiasm, courage and determination, whilst also having great fun.


Year 7 Pupil Highlights:


‘The residential was lots of fun as there were so many activities! It was a very good experience as we started becoming more independent.’ – Charlie 


‘Let’s go to a big sleepover. That’s what I thought; It was way more than that.’ – Soshiro 


‘The residential was fun, it felt like we were miles away from school.’– Ayden


‘My favourite part of residential was going to the lake and jumping into it with my friends.’ – Linxi 


‘It was so much fun!’ – Howard


‘It was  a really enjoyable experience’ – Nikki


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