Theatre in Education | Shell

On Friday 10th June 2022, the Shell Drama pupils received a visit from Nursery pupils, as part of a Theatre in Education topic that the Shell pupils have been learning. The Shell pupils all dressed up as characters from well known Fairy Tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. 


Following a brief puppet show telling the story of the Fairy Tale, the Nursery pupils were split into groups where they got to experience different activities. One group tried on different costumes; another group asked the Shell pupils questions about their characters, and the other group decorated themed wooden spoons.


The Nursery pupils had a wonderful time and could not stop laughing as they chased around the Big Bad Wolf and drew on balloons. It was a perfect demonstration of the three C’s of Marlborough College Malaysia in action. The pupils, both Shell and Nursery, showed compassion, companionship and conversation towards each other throughout the activity. A brilliant and heartwarming way to start a Friday.

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