Prep Sports Day 2022

On Tuesday 14th June 2022, pupils from Year 4 to Year 6 participated in their Sports Day, where they competed in both Track and Field events. The event started with the Victor and Victrix Ludorum competitors, these competitors are pupils who recorded the best results in both Track and Field events in training and were competing to become the overall champion. With the sun shining the competitors stepped up to the start line to begin the 800m race and, with the sound of the claxon, the 2022 Prep Sports Day was underway.


The event was a spectacular success with the pupils running, jumping, and throwing with all their might and, when they were not competing, they were enthusiastically cheering each other on. Throughout the day the pupils managed to break College records and secure their own personal bests. 



Victor  and Victrix Ludorum:

Year 5 Victor:

  1. Lewis O.
  2. Dexter W.
  3. Rowan H.


Year 5 Victrix:

  1. Erin W.
  2. Sofia A.
  3. Michaele B.

Year 6 Victor:

  1. Charlie S.
  2. Lucas F.
  3. Benji B.


Year 6 Victrix:

  1. Amber Y.
  2. Olivia B.
  3. Amanda T.


New College Records:

Year 4 600m (Boys)

Seb G. – 2:18


Year 4 200m (Boys)

Lennon H. – 37:00


Year 4 200m (Girls)

Nicole S. – 36:65


Year 4 Long Jump (Girls)

Sofia K. – 3.2m 




Year 5 800m (Boys) 

Lewis O. – 2:54


Year 5 200m (Girls)

Michaela B.- 34.30


Year 5 100m (Girls)

Michaela B. – 15:80


Year 6 Long Jump (Boys)

Aki N. – 4.02m

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