Lower Sixth Biology Trip

On Wednesday 15th June, Lower Sixth pupils of Marlborough College Malaysia set off for a Biology trip where they were given the opportunity to explore the local habitats and learn about the impact that humans are having on the organisms who live there. They worked alongside Kelab Alami, a local NGO that provides environmental education for community youth with a specialism in identifying flora and fauna of mangroves, seagrass and the intertidal areas along the Tebrau Straits. This trip plays an important role in the pupils’ data collection for their Biology Internal Assessment, which forms 20% of their overall IB Biology grade. 


After a boat ride under the Singapore bridge and into the moonlit waters off the coast from Forest City, the pupils arrived at Merambong Island. The pupils took a tour of the island to look at the organisms in their habitats and how they interact with each other. This gave pupils the opportunity to develop a research question that they will answer for their Biology IA. Following the exploration of the island, the pupils went to the nature centre where they learnt more about the sampling and data collection techniques that they will need. The pupils then returned to the College, to prepare for the next day of data collection. 


The pupils had a wonderful time, learning from the knowledgeable staff at Kelab Alami and experienced environments that many had not seen or interacted with before. It was a sublime end to the year and a useful headstart for the Biologists and their Biology IA.

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