Group 4 Project | Lower Sixth

On Friday 10th June 2022, the Lower Sixth pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia took part in the Group 4 Project as part of their IB Diploma Programme. This is a collaborative and multidisciplinary activity, which encourages science pupils to appreciate the environmental, social and ethical implications of science. 


This year the pupils were tasked with identifying areas of the College campus that they could help to improve. A large number of pupils chose to work on the MCM Lake, looking at how to increase the oxygen count in the water. Some pupils identified the best locations for the placement of solar panels around the College campus. Whilst other pupils explored Barton Farm, looking at how to improve the yield from crops by improving irrigation.


Throughout the day, the pupils worked incredibly hard to collect and analyse data, and then to design and build prototype models of their irrigation systems and oxygenators. The pupils showed focus and dedication towards problem solving, which are all key qualities for IB learners and future leaders in their chosen fields.

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