Year 6 Residential 2022

Between the 27th and 29th April, the Year 6 pupils of Marlborough College Malaysia moved on-site for their three day residential, enjoying the 90 acres of College grounds that offer a vast range of safe and enjoyable activities on site. 


The three-day residential was packed with activities and adventures and the pupils were able to stay on site and experience a boarding school atmosphere which, for many, was their first time in a boarding environment. 


The itinerary offered activities from learning life-saving skills to baking and catered to all tastes, allowing pupils the opportunity to try new challenges and develop new skills. Such opportunities included abseiling from the top of the Prep School building, learning to ride a bike, and mastering the balance required for stand-up paddleboarding on the College lake. 


Without leaving the College grounds, pupils enjoyed a programme of experiences which helped to build essential skills such as teamwork, courage, resilience and initiative and which were great fun. 


Year 6 Pupil Highlights:

‘The steeplechase was my favourite part because it was a lot of fun and I loved the slide at the end!’ – Hamish

‘I was really proud when I jumped in the lake at the end of kayaking!’ – Elliana

‘Abseiling was so fun because I have never done it before.’ – Zhee Qing

‘My favourite bit of the residential was paddling on the lake because it was fun teamwork and very enjoyable.’ – Henning

‘Abseiling was my favourite part. When you lean back, it is quite unnerving but when you descend it is just so fun and enjoyable.’ – Amber

‘Staying in the boarding house was great because I shared a room with my friends.’ – Kiri

‘The steeplechase was the best because I love getting muddy and running. I went around the course three times.’  – Benji

‘My favourite activity was the lake because it was so relaxing, refreshing and beautiful.’  – Molly

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