Shell Johorgraphy Trip 2022

On Tuesday and Wednesday 17th and 18th May, the Shell Geography classes participated in a field trip where they were exploring the local area of  Iskandar Puteri, Johor. This is part of their topic for the term, Johorgraphy, where they have to answer a question about Legoland as a world-class tourist destination, how tourism in Iskandar Puteri links to the sustainable development goals, human and physical tourism in Iskandar Puteri, and how Sungei Melayu is an ecotourism destination. 


On their trip, the pupils visited Kampung Sungai Melayu to see the mangroves by boat. The focus here was exploring and witnessing the different wildlife, fishing and even a crocodile, and seeing how the local economy works and supports the village.  The pupils then went to Sunway Citrine & X-Park to critically analyse the sustainable development goals and how they are being implemented in this area. The trip finished at Medini Mall and Legoland where the pupils were trying to answer the question ‘Is this a world-renowned tourist spot?’. 


The trip was the perfect opportunity for the pupils to develop their primary data collection and research skills, especially for those taking Geography for IGCSE and IB.




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