Shell Drama Inside Out Promenade

Throughout the year, the Drama Department has ensured that the creativity and magic of the performing arts continues to benefit pupils in the College. One way in which they have adapted their performances is by creating promenade performances where the audience walks through the experience as dramatic scenes are enacted around them.

On Friday 13th May, Shell pupils staged one such performance. In collaboration with Wellbeing and to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, the pupils explored different emotions and how to present these through art and performance. The piece drew inspiration from the animated film Inside Out, wherein each emotion is represented by an individual character, and Shell used different spaces to represent different emotions such as fear, disgust, anger, grief, and joy.

It was a wonderful performance and the pupils drew on different techniques to create the emotions within each space; the lighting, music, and ambience all helped to create an accurate depiction of each emotion. In the pupils’ Wellbeing lessons they have used the performance to help them to discuss how to navigate different emotions.

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