Reception UK Farm Visit 2022

On Wednesday 18th May 2022, the Reception pupils went on their first school trip to the UK Farm, based in Johor. This trip plays an important part in their topic for the term which is Farms and Growing.


Throughout the day the pupils helped to feed the goats including the infant goats (kids) milk from a bottle which was a very exciting experience for the pupils. They witnessed the goats being milked and learnt about the proper care for them during this process. They then got to try different flavours of goats’ milk: original, chocolate, date and yoghurt. Their favourites were chocolate and yoghurt. They finished the trip by feeding the ducks and chickens and seeing the ostriches, deer, and rabbits. 


This trip was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to gain a better understanding of the care of animals and to witness first-hand animals that they would not normally come into contact with. The day was a huge success and the pupils behaved impeccably.

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