COBIS Eco Film Awards 2022

In March 2022, the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) invited pupils from across the globe to produce a short film which showcased a project that they have carried out to help improve the environmental sustainability of their school. 


Marlborough College Malaysia is delighted to announce that the submission from the pupils of MCM’s Eco Council was the runner-up in this prestigious international competition. 


The video was entitled Food for Life, Life for Food, and highlighted the project that the Eco Council and the Design Technology Department have collaborated on to get the maximum benefit from food waste in the College’s Dining Hall. The leftover food is collected from the Dining Hall and is used to create compost for Barton Farm, MCM’s very own organic farm which is located within the College grounds, which then helps fuel the growth of the produce at the farm. This produce, such as potatoes and green beans, is then used in the Dining Hall to feed the pupils, and the cycle continues. 


Huge congratulations to all pupils involved in the Eco Council and the creation of the submission. It is wonderful to see the drive the pupils have to make the world a better place. 


COBIS gave the following praise for the Food for Life, Life for Food video and project :


This was a carefully structured and informative film about a well-thought-through project that involved a lot of young people.  It addressed a real problem in the school which was made vivid with both statistics and images.  It was good clearly to see the steps in the food waste to compost to food cycle, and splendid that the school’s design technology department had a key role in making it more efficient.  The message: A second life for food summed this up brilliantly.

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