Prep Science Week 2022

From the 28th March to the 1st April 2022, the Prep Science Department put on a magical Science Week for the MCM’s Prep School pupils. Science Week is a tradition at Marlborough College Malaysia when the Prep Science Department tailors all the science lessons around an exciting theme which this year was the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Throughout the week pupils participated in lessons more typically found on a timetable at Hogwarts. Lessons included Herbology where the pupils visited the College’s Lake and explored the different fauna and flora there. They had Potions classes where they experimented with colourful chemical reactions. The pupils also visited the onsite Museum, which was full of fascinating items such as perpetual motion machines and a Virtual Reality game. The Wykeham Hall was transformed into a Harry Potter-themed Zoo, housing creatures from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, such as Nifflers, Bowtruckles, and a giant (papier-mache) skeleton of a Basilisk snake.

Year 8 pupils donned their House shirts and played a spirited game of Quidditch on the astroturf. The pupils had to get the quaffle (a football) through one of the three hoops to score 10 points for their House, then catch the Golden Snitch for 150 points.

The pupils had a wonderful time, trying new things and learning about the magical world of Harry Potter. Science Week gave them the opportunity to learn science in a different way, and our Lake again proved to be a fantastic resource. The pupils had a truly magical week, the perfect end to the Lent Term.

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