Pearson-Edexcel Academic Excellence Awards 2022

The Excellence Award from the Pearson-Edexcel examination board recognises pupils from throughout the world who have achieved consistently outstanding results across multiple subjects, making these top performing pupils highly sought after by universities and employers in the future. This year they include a remarkable 29 pupils from Marlborough College Malaysia.


The award celebrates pupils with a range of skills and a breadth of achievement, rather than those who gain a high mark in just one subject. To receive this award, pupils had to achieve grades 7-9 (A-A*) in a minimum of five subjects in their Edexcel IGCSE subjects in summer 2021. 


Despite the disruption of COVID-19, Marlborough College Malaysia’s pupils completed a rigorous examination process for every subject. 


We congratulate MCM’s 29 outstanding IGCSE performers who have been recognised by this award, highlighting the breadth of talent at the College.


Congratulations to:

Alexia L.

Alison W.

Amelia A.

Amelia  A.A.

Angelina T.

Arjun K.

Belisa V.W.

Caleb T.

Carolyn C.

Dominic H.

Eshaan K.

Ethan C.

Jessie L.

Jie Min L.

Justin L.

Kaitlyn S.

Layla T.

Makhzanah W.

Matthew O.

Morgan Y.

Oliver W.

Qistina T.

Sarah H.

Sophia R.

Sora H.

Sue P.

Wafie A.

William M.

Yuna L.


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