Netball/Football House Matches LT2022

In the last week of Lent Term, pupils from Year 3 to Sixth Form took part in Football and Netball House Matches. In the Prep School the pupils were representing Chichester, Hunt, Merlin and Seymour, whilst in the Senior School, the pupils represented Apollo, Artemis, Atlas, Butler, Gaia, Sheppard, Thompson, and Wallace. The Houses gain points depending on where they finish on the rankings.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the chance to put into practice the skills they have been learning in their Games and PE lessons throughout the term. Due to SOPs, the pupils have not had the opportunity to gain much match experience, but this did not deter any of them from playing their best and representing their teams. It is evident that our pupils are compassionate as well as passionate, as they cheered their teammates on as well as their competitors.

The results from the House Matches will be announced at a later date as they are part of larger internal House competitions.

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