IB Art Exhibition

Marlborough College Malaysia is delighted to welcome you to the IB Visual Arts Online Exhibition 2022.

This exhibition is filled with the work of our IB Visual Arts pupils who have shown impressive tenacity and hard work to have produced such wonderful work during the challenging past two years.

The IB course is a demanding one that really stretches pupils. Rather than telling pupils what to do, it demands pupils create their own paths and generate their own ideas. As you look around at the beautiful paintings, and the thought-provoking sculptures and installation pieces – waxed flowers, a tree growing in a hand, even a moon trapped in a box – bear in mind that these pieces are the culmination of each pupil’s own creative investigations and imagination. These skills of creativity and self-expression are important beyond school in the working world.

We hope that you enjoy the Exhibition and that you will join us in congratulating our IB Visual Arts pupils on their impressive achievements.

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