Beagle Hash Summer Term 2022

On Friday 22nd April 2022, the Boarding Community, attired in their House Swipes, met on Court before heading into the plantation that surrounds Marlborough College Malaysia to commence the Summer Term Beagle Hash. This is a cross-country style race with an orienteering element. 


The pupils set off with enthusiasm and excitement. It did not take long for the plantation to be filled with calls of ‘On, On’, the traditional call used to identify the correct route so that others can follow the sounds. As always, the sense of accomplishment that the boarders felt on completing the route was immense and everyone had their own story to share of their experience. 


Upon completing the route, the pupils were bussed back to the College to enjoy the traditional post-Hash curry on Court, watching the sunset over the grounds. A spectacular end to the first week of term.


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