The Litter Muncher | Year 2

During the course of the Lent Term, Year 2 pupils have been preparing a production of the “Litter Muncher.” This play is about a little machine called the Litter Muncher who spends all day picking up the rubbish from the villagers of the Lazy Daisy Village. One day, the Litter Muncher falls asleep and the litter starts piling up around the villagers and they realise that they have to start tidying up after themselves. The moral of this story is to tidy up after yourself and that everyone needs to do their bit to keep the world tidy. 


This was a wonderful and energetic production from the Year 2 pupils, who filled the stage with the sound of their singing and the bright colours of their costumes. In spite of being physically distanced and wearing masks, the pupils’ voices were loud and clear.


The Year 3 pupils were delighted to have been invited to watch the play and they thoroughly enjoyed seeing their peers performing.

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