Speaking Assessments | Year 7

On Thursday 3rd March 2022 Year 7 undertook their annual speaking assessments. These assessments comprise of three sections and are delivered to a small group of fellow pupils. In the first section, the pupils speak about a topic of their choice and then answer questions from the audience. In the second section, the pupils introduce a poem of their choice explaining why they have chosen the poem, and then they read it to the group. In the third section, the pupils introduce their favourite book and explain why they have chosen a certain extract which they then read to the audience.

A wide range of topics was chosen by the pupils, from Harry Potter to Golf, Art and Kuih. This was a snapshot of the diverse tastes and interests of our pupils. They listened attentively and asked questions that showed that they were paying attention and interested in the topics that their peers had presented. The extract that the pupils chose to read was a great showcase of the pupils’ dramatic and artistic flair as they employed a variety of voices to animate the characters of the book, this was definitely a highlight for the audiences.

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