Pirates Day 2022 | Year 2

On Wednesday 9th March 2022 Reception pupils celebrated their annual Pirate Day. This fun-packed day consolidates and brings to life the pupils’ learning during the Pirate topic which they are studying within their lessons.


The pupils were all dressed up in amazing and creative costumes, helping them get into the character of the pirates they were impersonating all day. They started the day by building a large-scale pirate ship out of gymnastic equipment; this was an opportunity for the pupils to demonstrate their knowledge of different parts of a ship, with the most popular part being the cannon. 


The next pirate activity was a treasure hunt. Following a map of the Rumput,  pupils had to walk the plank, swim in the ocean and dodge the sharks, before they discovered a chest full of treasure.


The final activity of the day was creating their Pirate essentials. The pupils made pirate hooks, sponge boats, telescopes, messages in bottles, and yummy pirate cakes. All essential skills and items to be a proper Pirate.


It was an incredible day and it really highlighted the importance of learning through play for the College’s younger pupils.

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