Pi Day 2022

On Monday 14th March the Prep School celebrated Pi day. On the day, pupils completed Mathematical investigations to discover Pi and celebrated the number by using craft activities ranging from the creation of Pi dream catchers and Mud pies in Nursery and Reception, discovering Pi using the circumference and diameter of a circle in Year 5 and 6 and completing Buffon’s Needle investigation in Year 8. 


A competition was held to see who could recite Pi most fully, with the winner, Gan in Year 8,  managing an extraordinary 3006 digital places.


The Maths theme was extended across the week with pupils completing Mathematical activities during Form Times. Many of these tasks had cross-curricular links to other subjects, such as Numbers in Norse Mythology (Vikings) in Year 4, Morse Code sequencing (WWI) in Year 6, and using Mediaeval Cistercian numerals (Mediaeval Realms) in Year 7. 


It was the ‘Pifect’ week to celebrate Mathematics in the Prep School.

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