Pancake Races 2022

Shrove Tuesday, 1st March 2022, brought with it the annual Pancake Races across the whole College. Even Covid-19 precautions did not diminish the pupils’ enthusiasm as they lined up with their pancakes ready for a fantastic race.

The Senior School pupils raced around the Court and were required to flip their pancake at every corner, this proved more challenging than many pupils anticipated as they tried to slow down for the corner whilst simultaneously flipping their pancake without dropping it. There was always a roar of dismay from teammates if a pancake was dropped, swiftly followed by many yells of encouragement. There were some incredibly tight races, especially between the competitive Hundred boys, with a photo finish between Thompson and Sheppard.

In Pre-Prep and Prep School, the pupils had to run in a straight line, stop halfway and then flip their pancake before continuing their run. Some pupils got so over-excited that they forgot to stop, with the more daring of the pupils attempting to flip their pancakes whilst still running. The Prep School race was very close between Chichester and Seymour, coming down to the very last runner, with Seymour just taking the win. In Pre-Prep, Hunt were the victors, gaining a victory by one frying pan length.

The event was a wonderful occasion, with all the pupils wearing their House Colours and Swipes, with teammates cheering each other on.


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