IB Geography Field Trip 2022

On the 28th February, the Lower Sixth Geography pupils undertook their Field trip to Kota Tinggi. This is an essential part of their Internal Assessment and forms a major part of their final grade. The pupils spent the first day of the trip in the Sungai Pelepah river and they had great fun learning new skills and collecting samples from 18 different sites. They collected primary data for all characteristics of the river including water quality, velocity and sediment types.

On the second day of the trip, the pupils began to analyse the results against their original hypotheses. They entered the data into their spreadsheets and began using the statistics they collected to further understand the river. They continue to use the data and information to write their IAs.

This trip would not have been possible without Radiant Retreats providing their assistance with the locations, data collection and fantastic support in the field.



Here are some pupil quotes:

“My favourite part of the trip was the first site as the water was clear and cool, the weather was amazing and the waterfall was so beautiful.” – Jessie L.

“I am grateful we were actually able to go because it will make a huge difference for our IAs.” – Jayden J.

“My favourite part of the trip was being able to learn about rivers in a real river!” – Stephanie B.

“I really enjoyed breathing clean unpolluted air in the beautiful rainforest.” – Yuna L.

“The best part of the trip was being able to get into the river and feel the changes as we went from site to site. You could see and feel velocity increase and the river changing character as we progressed.” – Qistina T.

“I loved it! I liked to see how the theories and the concepts we had learnt in our class matched with the results we took in the real river.” – Sue P.

“I really enjoyed the responsibility of collecting the water quality data – it was a new challenge and I learned loads about PH, nitrates, nitrites and ammonia.” – Caleb T.

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