GCSE Music Recital 2022

On Thursday 3rd March Remove and Hundred musicians held a recital for their fellow pupils. As part of the GCSE course, the pupils are required to perform a piece of music on their chosen instrument. For the Hundred this was their final performance piece and for the Remove pupils, it was their first opportunity to perform in front of an audience.


The music varied from classical to rock, over a wide range of instruments. The first half of the recital focused on classical piano, flute, and violin pieces, finishing with the string quartet’s performance of Palladio. After the interval, the tempo changed with more rock and pop pieces being played by soloists and bands.


The evening was a brilliant showcase of the talent of the GCSE musicians and was a perfect opportunity to show younger pupils the scope of a music GCSE.


Performances included:

Eilidh, Violin – Czardas by Vittorio Monti

Jordan, Piano – Mariage D’Amour by Senneville, arr. Richard Clayderman

Sophia, Flute – Suite Antique, 1st Mvt. ‘Prelude’ by John Rutter

Bryan, Piano – Fantasia in G minor, 1st Mvt. ‘Vivace’ by George Philipp Telemann

Juliette, Violin – Gigue from Partita No.3 in E by J. S. Bach

Yurika, Piano – Romanian Folk Dances by Béla Bartók

Ziyi, Violin – Serenade by Gaspar Cassadó

Tina, Piano – Thunder Under Dry Season by  Peixuan Chen

Emily, Piano – Prelude in G minor, Op. 23 no.5 by Sergei Rachmaininoff

String Quartet (Eilidh, Violin; Juliette, Violin; Ziyi, Violin; Mr Ang, Cello) – Palladio by Karl Jenkins

Alexander, Electric Guitar – Stockholm Syndrome by Muse

Razali, Drums – Do Balanço by Noam Lederman

Kazuhide, Drums – Renegades by One Ok Rock

The JAMs (Eileen, Guitar & Vocals; Avelyn, Vocals; Janette, Drums; Mr Finn, Base Guitar) – Ghost by Justin Bieber

David, Piano; Zeki, Drums – Stay  by Justin Bieber

Zeki, Drums – Rollin’ by Stuart Ryan

Oliver, Drums – London Calling by The Clash

The Removers (Eileen, Vocals; Eilidh, Violin; Kevin, Saxophone; Yurika, Piano; Kazuhide, Drums) – Let it Be by Paul McCartney

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