Foodtech Laboratory and Cooking Lessons

During the Christmas holiday there was an exciting development in the College: a new Food Technology Laboratory. This is a fully equipped teaching kitchen with ovens, gas hobs, and enough workspace for six pairs of pupils. This new space provides the perfect opportunity for our internationally diverse community to share recipes and traditions from their cultures.

The Foodtech laboratory is being used by the Prep School in their Friday afternoon activity sessions. So far, the Prep pupils have created pancakes for pancake day, scrumptious scones, and some delicious blueberry muffins. This activity session is already popular with the Prep pupils, the delicious smells that are wafting around Prep School on a Friday afternoon will definitely help increase the popularity of the activity sign-up.

It is not only the Prep School that benefits from the Foodtech laboratory. Cooking for University is offered to the Upper Sixth and is running throughout March. The sessions are designed to teach the pupils some key skills that they will require to cook for themselves at university. The first session focused on basic skills such as cutting and making an omelette, as well as important tips about essential store cupboard items, what items can be frozen and for how long, how to make more food for less money and the versatility of sauces, soup, and batch cooking.

This promises to be a popular and useful addition to the College’s resources.

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