Careers Fair 2022

On Wednesday 16th March 2022 the Hundred and Lower Sixth pupils attended a Careers Fair at Marlborough College Malaysia. The fair this year consisted of a combination of both physical and online talks from experts in different fields and professions. The Careers Fair offers our pupils the opportunity to learn about different careers and to ask practitioners questions about their experience. This is a valuable opportunity for the pupils to think about their career options and to learn about areas that they may not previously have considered.

The keynote speaker, Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi, Provost & CEO at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, gave an inspiring talk about the nature of future careers. He explained the importance of emotional and social capital, especially in the digital age, and the centrality of identifying purpose in our pathways.

Following the keynote speech, the options included architecture, medicine, law, psychology, veterinary science, as well as entrepreneurship and project management. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed listening to the speakers share their insights.

Marlborough College Malaysia extends its warmest thanks to all of our guest speakers.


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