Aquathlon Activity 2022

Over the past two weeks, the pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia have been participating in the annual Aquathlon races. This consists of a swimming stage and a running stage and the distances varied based on the age and ability of the pupils. This is the first time that the Aquathlons have been held since the outbreak of COVID-19 and they looked a little different to previous years with no spectators and being held within small year group bubbles.


Despite the absence of spectators, the event was a wonderful success and there was a great atmosphere of excitement amongst the competing pupils. The Year 4 to  Upper Sixth pupils thoroughly enjoyed racing around Court, with some dramatic sprint finishes outside the main admissions building. Year 3 competed in Pre-Prep, with the added challenge of a scramble up a grassy bank before the home straight. It was marvellous to see the pupils in their House Swipes competing for their Houses.


Points are awarded to the Houses based on participation, with these points added towards the final House score. This event was all about taking part, and the pupils did this with much enthusiasm and spirit.



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