Year 2 Science Day | Pre-Prep

On Tuesday 22nd February 2022, Year 2 dressed up as various types of scientist and spent the day carrying out experiments and learning about different inventions. The aim of the day was to show the pupils the diverse areas of science and to encourage them to explore the world around them.


There was a wide variety of costumes from a vet, complete with a patient in the form of a toy dog, all the way out of this world to an astronaut. During the day, the pupils built lava lamps, decorated rockets, and studied old inventions, such as a tape player.


The day was a great success with the pupils really enjoying the opportunity to learn about different areas of science, such as marine biology or zoology. Maybe this day will have inspired the next Alex Moulton, OM, inventor of the Moulton Bicycle or Peter Medawar OM, regarded as the ‘father of transplantation’.


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