Viking Day | Prep School

On Monday, 14th February 2022, Year 4 took a non-traditional approach to Valentine’s Day and went on a journey of discovery to see the Vikings. They came into school dressed up in their finest chainmail and furs, polished their helmets, and sharpened their horns.


Throughout the day, the pupils explored different aspects of Viking life, learning how to read and write runes, they practised making catapults and experienced the interactive virtual museum, bringing history to the pupils. Here they learnt more about Viking tools and weapons, and what home life might have looked like during this period.


They finished the day with a Viking themed Kahoot, where they were able to test their knowledge and showcase what they had learnt during the day.


Well done to Year 4 for their incredible outfits, and we look forward to a less scary version of Year 4 returning to school tomorrow.

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