Penang Promenade Project | Senior School

Throughout the Lent Term, members of the Senior School have been working with the Drama and Art Department to create an outstanding piece of interactive theatre. Inspired by the vibrancy and diversity of Historic George Town in Penang, the pupils have worked to recreate a street from the city in the Drama Theatre.

Upon entering the theatre, the audience walks down a street, with lanterns and parasols hanging overhead, in the festive reds and golds of the Lunar New Year. The performers, in an array of traditional dress and theatrical masks, interact with the audience as they make their way through the street. One highlight of the journey is the incredible piece of street art that has been created by Shell (Year 9) during their activities with the Art Department.

This is an excellent project that has allowed pupils to explore Theatre in a different and immersive way. A wonderful way to mark the Lunar New Year holiday.

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