Outreach LT2022

Lent Term has been a busy one for the Outreach Team. While COVID-19 regulations continue to prevent some of Outreach’s main activities, which focus on service to the immediate community, the bake sales for both Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day were roaring successes. Fantastic cakes and cookies were sold in order to raise money for the College’s charities.


However, it is not just cakes and cookies being sold. Members of the Lower Sixth took on the role of Cupid and spent Valentine’s Day delivering roses and balloons to their peers throughout the day. With over a hundred deliveries being made, there was plenty of joy across Senior School. Asyiqin and Amelia from Gaia sold tiger bracelets to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Tiger. In addition, the ‘Change Challenge’ has been a huge success so far, with over RM1000 being collected from spare change.

One of the Three C’s of Marlborough College Malaysia is Compassion, and Outreach has been working with the pupils at the College to help them demonstrate their compassion. Boarding pupils have helped create Treat Bags, a Lunar New Year tradition, which were delivered to the Rotary Orphanage and St. Christopher’s. Shell pupils dedicated their Friday afternoon activities to decorating stones with words of encouragement and kindness and these were then hidden around the Pre-Prep play area for the younger children to discover on Valentine’s Day. This emphasised to  pupils how One Kind Word can make a difference.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Outreach and keep an eye out for future Outreach events.

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