COBIS Art Competition ‘Looking Ahead’

Every year, the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) hosts an art competition which offers pupils the opportunity to compete internationally and showcase their skills. The theme for this year’s competition is Looking Ahead, a theme about which COBIS encourages pupils to think creatively.


There are five categories from Early Years to Key Stage 4 with the top three pieces of artwork from each category submitted to COBIS to be judged. The winners will be announced in April 2022.


The competition was tough between the pupils at Marlborough College Malaysia, with many incredible submissions. In fact, with such an overwhelming volume of submissions, it was a difficult task to select only three from each category. This is where the Outstanding Award was born.  It is an internal award, created by the Art Department to recognise the work of the pupils, for work that was too good not to be recognised even though it was not selected.


Congratulations to all those who took part in the competition; the submitted works were fantastic. We would like to wish the best of luck to those who have made it to the next level of the competition.


COBIS Submissions:

Key Stage 1

Olesya B. Yr 2

Janelle T. Yr 2


Key Stage 2

Sienna K. Yr 6

Ryan K. Yr 6

Jayea T. Yr 4

Key Stage 3

Angelina P. Yr8

Krisha K. Yr 8

Ariel N. Yr 9


Key Stage 4

Jenny O. Yr 10

Dayna N. Yr 10

Rosie D. Yr 10

Marlborough College Malaysia Outstanding Awards:

Felix B. Yr 2

Kimberley Yr 2

Jayden L. Yr 3

Victoria  Yr 3

Riley K. Yr 4

Karin I. Yr 4

Yejin L. Yr 4

Nao Yr 5

Andrew N. Yr 7

Venessa Yr 7

Audrey Yr 7

Lucas L. Yr 8

Evelyn Yr 8

Angel Yr 8

Ying Ying Yr 8

Yuki Yuen Yr 8

Terrence Yr 8

Meena Yr 8

Hannah S. Yr 9

Presley B. Yr 9

Karina Yr 10


By Evelyn C. in Year 8

By Ying Yin C. in Year 8

By Victoria T. in Year 3

By Felix B. in Year 2

By Yejin L. in Year 4

By Hannah S. in Shell (Year 9)

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