Year 5 Residential | Prep School

An annual tradition at Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) has been the Prep School residential trips. Due to the pandemic, these have not taken place for two years, until last week. MCM is set within an incredible 90-acre site which houses a wide range of facilities that have enabled MCM to run a fully onsite residential stay for every pupil in Year 5, adhering to all SOPs. 


The Residential ran from 20th to 21st January, with both days being packed with activities and adventure. The extensive boarding facilities meant that the pupils were able to fully immerse themselves in their two-day residential, staying overnight and getting to experience a boarding school atmosphere. 


The activities that the pupils participated in included the MCM Steeplechase course, where the pupils ran through muddy water, jumped hurdles, launched themselves down the fireman’s pole and slid their way down the slip ‘n’ slide. There were water activities in the 50m Pool, such as snorkelling and life-saving, with a fun swim on the innumerable floaties and pool toys available. There was a giant doodle where they filled a room with brilliant drawings and there was also a treasure hunt around the College site. 


One highlight of the programme was abseiling from the roof of the Prep School. Another one was the opportunity to explore the College’s lake, where pupils experienced kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding and canoeing.


Marlborough College Malaysia is uniquely positioned to offer pupils this incredible experience without leaving the grounds of the College, building essential skills of teamwork, courage, resilience and initiative. All activities were run onsite by fully trained MCM personnel, highlighting the breadth of talent and abilities within the College’s staff. Marlborough College Malaysia looks forward to being able to provide this opportunity to other year groups to give our pupils essential experiences and personal development opportunities. 


The Year 5’s highlights:


The slip ‘n’ slide because it was soapeeeeeee!


The Steeplechase was dirty and fun!


I loved everything.


The best part was kayaking because we got to go on the boats and have lots of fun.”


“It was super exciting and fun!”

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