Shell Steeplechase

Throughout pupils’ time in Shell (Year 9), they participate in the ‘Come Out of Your Shell’ programme. This focuses on key themes which aim to help Shell pupils develop into confident and well-rounded individuals, building strong relationships with their peers as they move into Senior School.


The key qualities that the programme seeks to develop are:

  • Confidence and courage 
  • Commitment and perseverance 
  • Resilience even in adversity
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Initiative, proactivity and self-reliance 
  • Leadership skills and a desire to serve others


As part of the award, Shell pupils took part in a steeplechase on Saturday. They had to work together in their house teams to carry a heavy object around the obstacle course. This included getting the object over barriers and through muddy water. This tested their teamwork, communication and resilience as they had to work hard to finish a truly demanding course. This was a challenging test, but one that gave everyone a great deal of satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment at the end.


The upcoming events in the programme include a beach clean at Desarua and a hike at Kota Tinggi, both of which will provide our pupils with the opportunity to connect with nature, to understand the impact that humans have on it and the importance of taking responsibility for our actions.


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