Outreach Beach Clean Up

On Sunday 18th January 2022, boarders from Apollo and Artemis headed over to Desaru to participate in a beach clean-up. The council provided a skip, and the pupils worked hard to fill it up with rubbish from the beach.

Some interesting items were found on the beach including a fridge, an umbrella, a barbecue and a giant light bulb!

After a hard morning of cleaning the beach, the boarders enjoyed their lunch with well-deserved ice cream for dessert followed by a leisurely swim at the Tiara Desaru Resort.

A big well done to the boarders who took part in the beach clean. They definitely left the beach looking better than when they arrived and gained an even greater appreciation of the importance of the correct collection of rubbish and the damage caused by discarded single-use plastics.

The beach clean-ups are a regular part of our Outreach programme. They contribute to a holistic learning experience that makes a positive difference in the lives of others through Compassion, Companionship and Conversation.

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