Success in the FOBISIA Virtual Gymnastics Competition 2021

We are delighted to announce that Marlborough College Malaysia has had multiple successes in the recent FOBISIA Gymnastics competition, judged remotely last Saturday.


FOBISIA has 87 member schools in 19 countries within Asia and all pupils from these schools were able to enter the competition. Pre-recorded set routines were sent and judged in Bangkok by two professional gymnastics judges.


For many pupils, this was the first time they had entered a gymnastics competition and some had been introduced to gymnastics only a few weeks previously.


Congratulations to all who entered, with specific mention to the following pupils:

  • Daniel Ogilvie came 5th out of 18 competitors in the boys’ Level 1 Junior category
  • Amelia Kamar Faizal gained 4th place out of an extremely large and competitive field of 74 in the girls’ Level 2 junior category
  • Nicole Stevens came in 5th position in a field of 52 competitors in the girls’ Level 3 Junior category
  • In the boys senior Level 2, we had double success – Lucas Finn gained 2nd place and Torin Duncan 3rd

A really exciting start for the Gymnastics Squad.

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