Internal Tennis Tournament

On Saturday 4th December, Marlborough College Malaysia hosted an internal tennis competition. It was a wonderful opportunity for the members of the tennis squad to practise performing under competition conditions and to showcase the skills that they have been learning in lessons.

The day consisted of different stages and formats depending on the age of the tennis players. The 10 & Under pupils competed in a Round Robin, with the top four players with the most points qualifying for the main draw. The 12 & Under, 14 & Under, and the 17 & Under all competed in the Main Draw where they played the best of three sets.

Congratulations to all who took part in the tournament; they conducted themselves with dignity and good sportsmanship throughout the day.

The winners from the event are as follow:

10 & Under – A: (Green Ball Group)
Champion – Lucas F
Runner Up – Ellie K
3rd Place – Ted C
(11 pupils and 9 matches)

10 & Under – B (Orange Ball Group):
Champion – Yuha W
Runner Up – Sofia K
3rd Place – Nathan X
(19 pupils – 81 round robin and 4 main draw matches)

12 & Under:
Champion – Kirin H
Runner Up – Rowan H
3rd Place – Jax L
(7 pupils and 5 matches )

14 & Under:
Champion – Kou W
Runner Up – Mithrann P
3rd Place – Benjamin C
(4 pupils and 4 matches)

17 & Under Boys:
Champion – Aaron T
Runner Up – Alfie T
(3 pupils 2 matches)

17 & Under Girls:
Champion – Isabella H
Runner Up – Ava C
(5 pupils and 4 matches)

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