Frugal Lunch: 10th December 2021

On Friday 10th December the pupils of Marlborough College Malaysia, from Year 4 to Upper Sixth, experienced a different lunch. Instead of our Catering Department providing their usual array of tasty options for lunch, the team produced a “Frugal Lunch.” 


The term ‘frugal’ means sparing and economical with money or food, so this frugal lunch costs a lot less than the normal school meal. The money saved from this meal is donated to the College’s Outreach charities. 


The Frugal lunch is a way for Outreach to continue to support its chosen charities and offer the pupils a chance to reflect on how their circumstances differ from others in the world.

When asked about the Frugal Lunch, one pupil responded by saying ‘it is a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on what we have and be grateful for it, rather than constantly thinking about what we do not have.’

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