Come Out Of Your Shell Trip 2021

On Saturday 4th December 2021 the Shell pupils went to Desaru for the annual ‘Come Out Of Your Shell’ trip. The day aims to help build self-confidence and communication between the pupils within the year group.


The day began with some team building activities, where the pupils had to work together in their Houses to complete tasks. For one task they had to carry a tennis ball across a stretch of sand on a piece of wood that had holes in it, they then had to get the tennis ball through the correct hole and into a bucket to complete the task.


There was a wonderful sense of team spirit with the groups working together to complete their tasks and then helping the teams that were struggling with the task.


After a delicious lunch, the pupils were able to experience driving an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) around a track, something that turned out to be much harder than it looked as they kept slipping in the sand and getting stuck. Once the pupils had had their turn on the ATV they were then given the opportunity to either play in the swimming pool on the slide or have a game of volleyball.


The day was a huge success with smiling faces everywhere at the end of the day. It was so lovely to see the pupils out in their house swipes again and working as a team.


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