Boarders’ Christmas Supper 2021

 The 1st December 2021 brought the annual Boarders’ Christmas Supper. This event is organised by the Graduate Assistants, who, in the run-up to the event, are more commonly known as Santa’s Little Helpers.


This year’s theme was Christmas at Hogwarts and there definitely was a spark of magic in the Dining Hall as the Boarders entered via Platform 9 ¾. The Dining Hall was transformed to recreate the Great Hall at Hogwarts, with a giant Christmas tree, floating candles, stars where a ceiling should be, and a (projection of a) roaring fire. 


The food centred around the Christmas at Hogwarts theme, with a delicious roast as a main course and magnificent Golden Snitch cakes for dessert. The boarders were truly spoilt, especially with an enchanting performance from Sora on his violin. 


The evening finished with a raucous rendition of the Twelve days of Christmas with different groups performing different days and all competing to be the loudest.


It was a truly magical evening and one enjoyed by all; the perfect way to start December.



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