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Twins Sporting Success

Marlborough College Malaysia has always prided itself on the sporting achievements of its pupils, and between the 27th – 30th October, two of our Prep School pupils competed in the Silverlake Tennis Malaysia Junior Tour SPORTEXCEL 2021.


We are delighted to announce that Amanda and Audrey Teng won the U10s Doubles Championship Title and Audrey won the U10s Girls Single Championship Title. These are tremendous achievements against intense competition at a very high standard.


The competition was a knock-out system, leaving no room for mistakes, so the girls had to perform at their best for the full three days but, as the organiser of the competition commented, ‘They are the most disciplined and well-mannered players that I have met in the last 10 years’


The intensity and the importance of this competition was clearly shown in Audrey’s reaction after winning the Championship point; she shouted out loud and burst into tears with sheer joy. Despite her relief and excitement, Audrey conducted herself in a very professional manner, shaking hands with the umpire, the opponent, and acknowledging her opponent’s team, accepting their thanks with a bow and small wave. When Audrey returned to her family saying ‘I have just won my first National Single Championship’, the news had not yet sunk in for her.


Amanda and Audrey competed in the U10s Girls Double Championship, winning their final game in straight sets, playing a match of 1hr 49 minutes. Amanda’s volleys were superb with Audrey covering the baseline like a wall; it was a phenomenal display of teamwork, highlighting the girls’ unbreakable bond. Amanda hit the winning shot, afterwards explaining ‘I was too focused, I didn’t realise that we had won’. 


There were some hard-fought victories for the girls and an impressive display of maturity in young sportswomen. Their dedication and training throughout the pandemic has been outstanding.


We hope the girls have managed to absorb their victories and have been able to celebrate. We wish them congratulations and we look forward to seeing where their success takes them.


Doubles Champion: Amanda and Audrey 

Set 1: 5:4 (7-3)

Set 2: 5:4 (7-5)

Game Duration: 1 hour and 49 minutes

Singles Champion: Audrey  

Set 1: 4:1

Set 2: 5:4 (7-3)

Game Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes 


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