One Kind Word | Word Clouds

Anti-Bullying Week, Monday 15th to Friday 19th November, is an annual event to raise awareness about bullying. The theme of Anti-Bullying Week 2021 was One Kind Word.

‘One’ is a simple term. It is the lowest cardinal number, the half of two and a single item. One mistake can harm someone; one opportunity, on the other hand, can create another life path; and one word can create a frown or a smile. ‘One Kind Word’ was chosen to emphasise the value of acts of kindness, especially during the pandemic. Highlighting that even the tiniest actions can help to end the cycle of bullying.

The Pupil Digital Ambassadors asked members of the Marlborough College Malaysia community to say ‘One Kind Word’; one in English and another in their native language, these were then used to create a word cloud. The MCM community is made up of pupils from over 40 different countries and the Digital Ambassadors wanted to celebrate this diversity and highlight the importance of international kindness by using One Kind Word in different languages.

When asked about her involvement in creating the One Kind Word word cloud, one Digital Ambassador said:


I am extremely grateful and honoured to be able to lead the initiative and witness MCM’s kind spirit. One Kind Word can bring a moment of optimism in a world that can sometimes feel like it’s full of negativity. It has the potential to be a watershed moment in breaking the bullying cycle. The best part is that one kind word often leads to another. Kindness feeds on itself. So, from our phones to our homes, our collective acts can create a positive chain reaction.


It all begins with One Kind Word.


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