Macbeth | Senior Drama

Over the past few weeks, pupils of Marlborough College Malaysia have been working alongside Butterfly Theatre Company to produce a stunning version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth


The traditional medieval Macbeth has been given a twist in this retelling, with the play set during wartime. Macbeth, suffering from battle fatigue, shell shock, and post-traumatic stress, is admitted to Dunsinane Asylum. Here he meets the three psychiatric nurses, traditionally the three witches, who predict that he will become king. Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, they plan to kill King Duncan, who is the head of the asylum, and the play follows the journey of killing that ultimately leads to Macbeth’s death at the hands of Macduff. 


This new take on a well-known classic is a wonderful example of the creativity and talent of the pupils at MCM. We look forward to seeing more work from our talented pupils. 


Please click here to watch Macbeth.

This production contains images of violence that some viewers may find distressing. There are also incidents of strobe lighting.

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