Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Friends of Marlborough College Malaysia

Friends of Marlborough College Malaysia marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2021, by raising awareness throughout our Marlborough College Malaysia community. 


FoMCM created a “Ribbon Tree”, where community members donated sums of money to have a pink ribbon placed upon the Tree. For every donation, the donor’s name was written on a ribbon then placed on the Ribbon Tree. We are proud to share that the volume of donations turned the tree bright pink with ribbons. Through this effort, FoMCM managed to raise close to a staggering RM 7,000, which will be donated, in its entirety, to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Malaysia, a local charity which raises awareness around breast cancer by providing meaningful support to cancer patients and survivors. 


Mrs Eaton-Jones worked with FoMCM to help raise awareness throughout our community about the importance of taking care of one’s health. 


Sincere thanks to all in our community who donated and made the time to participate in the events during October. We hope that we at FoMCM may continue to engage more frequently with all our MCM Families as restrictions ease and strengthen our cohesion and sense of belonging to this wonderful community of diverse citizens.


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