100th Anniversary of the Poppy of Remembrance

To mark the 100th Anniversary of the Poppy of Remembrance, the Art and Design Department in the Prep School created a video to commemorate this occasion. Pupils from Year 5, Year 8, and AEP Year 5-8 produced some beautiful and poignant artwork, featuring the Poppy. On this day of Remembrance, Marlborough College Malaysia invites our wider school community to reflect and remember.


We Will Remember Them



Video Narration and Compilation: Mr S Lee | Head of Design and Technology, Prep School

Video Credits:

The media has been sourced from the following online productions.

The story and 100th anniversary of the Poppy of Remembrance https://youtu.be/3riQYKMenUA

~ “In Flanders Fields” ~ (Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Poppy Day, Remembrance Day) https://youtu.be/2J8FIdFDEaw

Why are Poppies Worn on Remembrance Day? – Behind the News https://youtu.be/beVVbRPzmOo

Music Credits: Jerusalem, James Nathan & Jeremy Jones


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