Online IB Visual Arts

Marlborough College Malaysia’s Year 12 began their IB Visual Arts programme online. This was always going to be a hard task, however, they have risen to this challenge and excelled. 


The pupils have completed two projects to date, the first entitled Classical-Contemporary. Pupils chose a painting from a period of Art History, then combined it with the style and approach of a contemporary artist, or artists, to create a modern ‘reimagining’ of the traditional artwork.


Edouard Bisson, The Three Graces Die Drei Grazien, 1899

by Jasmine



Jean-Honoré Fragonard, The Swing (1767)

By Wafie.

Wafie took the idea behind the Fragonard picture to create a Malaysian version of the French original.


As part of the Classical-digital project, Kai and Boonling added the style of Magdiel Lopez to renowned sculptures, resulting in the following striking images.

We look forward to seeing these pupils develop as they are now back physically at the College with the use of our fantastic purpose built facilities. To learn more about Art at Marlborough College Malaysia please visit MCM Art

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