Nations Week 2021

To celebrate United Nations Day, which is on Sunday 24th October, Marlborough College Malaysia has spent the week exploring different nations across the globe. These international celebrations culminated with a Nations Day festival which took place on the 22nd October 2021. 


In a typical year, Nations Day would be celebrated across the College with everyone wearing their national dress and bringing in examples of their culture, such as food or a performance. However, as this year continues to prove, it is not a normal year. This did not deter the pupils from celebrating in style. 


During the week, Pre-Prep and Year 4 pupils explored the countries of the world through food and learnt new styles of dance. They also explored various nations through nursery rhymes and creating fact files. They finished the week with a physically distanced parade around the Pre-Prep to showcase their national dress and colours. 


Prep School has had Nations-themed lessons throughout the week that included learning about national animals in Science, creating a mosaic display in Humanities, exploring different accents in Drama, and showcasing other nations in Art and Languages. Year 7 and Year 8 explored the origins of the United Nations in History and stepped into roles as members of the UN General Assembly, trying to negotiate peace between nations at war. 


The Senior School and boarding community also got involved in the celebrations, with Nation-themed activities on Friday afternoon and assemblies exploring different nationhood aspects.  


Nations Day is a wonderful reminder that Marlborough College Malaysia is a truly international school. With pupils from 39 different nationalities, the day provides a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our pupils and staff and has showcased what it means to be part of a thriving international community.




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