Ancient Rome | Prep School

Today, Year 4 went on a journey of discovery to Ancient Rome. The pupils donned their togas and armour and spent the day learning about the Romans through a variety of activities. They started the day off with some training in their games session. Here they learnt what it took to become a true Gladiator.


After recovering, the Year 4 pupils created their own mosaic patterns using a variety of materials, such as coloured paper, beads, sequins, rice, or lentils. The pupils were tasked to recreate a scene from Roman history, about which they had to do their own research. Next, the pupils explored Roman architecture where they used Panoform to create a Virtual Reality 3D image of a Roman building. 


To finish the day, the pupils participated in a Kahoot Quiz to test their knowledge and understanding of Roman history, and they listened to some Roman mythology at Storytime.


As always, although the pupils are online, they had an incredibly engaging day and learnt all about the Romans in so many different ways. 

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