Lake Development 2021

Hidden behind the Preparatory School is Marlborough College Malaysia’s best-kept secret, the lake. With the support of the Friends of MCM, the lake has been transformed over the Summer into a fantastic resource for the College supporting both Academic Learning and Co-Curricular opportunities. 


The lake will accommodate a range of activities ranging from fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, as well as being a resource for the Arts and Sciences to take advantage of the abundance of nature. A Friends of MCM Boathouse has been constructed to provide shelter for pupils when using the lake, a space for an outdoor classroom and storage for equipment. A jetty and floating pontoon have been built to enable safe access to the water, and a safety boat has been acquired to provide support during these sessions. 


The development of the lake for recreational use is the first phase of a plan which intends to provide access to the unique biodiversity found in the mangrove of Sungai Melayu and, in due course, provide a habitat for wildlife protected from urban encroachment. With this in mind, the lake has been restocked with many varieties of fish: Java Barb, Tilapia, and Giant/Shark Catfish, which provide an opportunity for some catch to release fishing. The introduction of fish has already increased biodiversity, with Fish Eagles, Stork-billed Kingfishers and a family of Otters becoming regular visitors to the lake. 


This development will offer new challenges and experiences in pupils’ education that feel miles away from the classroom but without leaving the grounds of the College. We look forward to welcoming pupils, staff and parents to enjoy this fantastic addition to Marlborough College Malaysia in the near future.


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