IGCSE Results 2021

Marlborough College Malaysia’s IGCSE candidates celebrated sweet success today.  Having completed their examinations in June, their hard work was rewarded with a superb 64% of all grades being top A*/A (that is more than twice the rate of success that was recorded in the UK where examinations were abandoned this year) and almost a quarter of the 80-strong cohort achieved at least 10 straight A*/A grades.


The achievement of this year’s candidates is even more meaningful, considering the disruption to global education that the pandemic has caused. Their success is a testament to their resilience, determination and the continuity of emotional support, encouragement and effective teaching by their beaks, whatever the circumstances.


Marlborough has an unparalleled reputation and an award-winning track record for the care and development of boarders and the academic benefits of boarding were again apparent as boarders achieved an even higher positive residual than day pupils. The residual is the index of value-added achievement beyond normal expectations which is independently measured by Cambridge University.


Alan Stevens, the Master of the College, commented, “We are immensely proud of our IGCSE candidates. The last 18 months have been like no other but it has been so heartening to see teachers and pupils rise to the challenge, overcome so many barriers and secure great outcomes. Their hard work and ambition, despite challenging circumstances, combined with top quality teaching have been justly rewarded. In another year when not all schools actually ran examinations, they and their beaks can be proud that they completed full and rigorous assessment for each subject and truly earned their excellent grades. This consolidates Marlborough College’s position as one of the region’s leading schools both academically and pastorally. These results are particularly pleasing because at Marlborough we do not select only the academically most able applicants. Rather, we believe in the character and the ability of all children to learn and flourish in every way in the right environment with encouragement and direction from well-qualified and dedicated staff.  Today’s IGCSE results lay an excellent foundation as these young people enter our exciting MCM Sixth Form programme where we look forward to developing their all-round potential even further.”

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